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Where my two worlds collide

On April 3, 2017, Posted by , In telecom, With 2 Comments

Infographic: 6 Dangers Mobile VoIP

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  1. Carlos J Zaldivar says:

    First is first:

    Eric, I wish you much success with your publishing of your excellent books and this new Website. From another Star Track enthusiast.

    Let’s now concentrate on our personal every day dealings:

    This pictute looks like the Robot from the series of the late 60’s TV Show, has much truth with the messages displayed. As a Wireless Telecom professional it seems that most people don’t care or don’t undertstand the dangers in “Authorizing” the app to see your Private information (pictures, files, contacts and more) in order to get the FREE!! app. Have we forgotten what Privacy is ? All those free app’s available to download to your Smartphone are not for “free” after all. They are at the cost of your Private information that the developer of the app SELLS to 3erd parties or unscrupulous ones SELL your information to the largest bidder (who knows who) ?

    Even the king of data, does it:

    “Goxlx” may access and use Data stored in “Goxlx” Drive in accordance with this Agreement

    • eric says:

      Yes the robot (a B-9 Class M-3 General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Control Robot) was a character in the television series Lost in Space. Known and addressed simply as “Robot” on the show (and in the movie).
      It’s most frequent line was “danger, danger.” and thus this is why it was use in this info-graphic.

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