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John Dill here to tell us about his series name: The Braxin King Books One and Two.




What was the most surprising thing you found out while researching/writing your latest book?

That our universe is not only expanding in dimension but also expanding in scale. Our universe has no set scale but is expanding in quantum increments in scale which translates into everything within it growing larger, including us…and especially time. Spacetime is expanding in scale. This means time itself is growing longer. The second, for instance, is taking longer to tick. Because we are also a part of this expansion, detection is the tricky part. But the curious part of this is how an expanded time offsets an increasing pace of expansion. Not only is our universe expanding but the pace of expansion is increasing. However, with the time factored in, this balances out the pace.

Why did you choose this setting?

If by setting you mean the particular universe described in my books, I didn’t see this worldbuilding as a choice in that frame of reference. I laid out the plot and added each feature as it progressed and this is what I came out with. A universe where one third of its inhabitants were of superior technological development and were able to travel around immense distances between galaxies at the expense of the development of the other two thirds of its inhabitants. By stealing 90% of a species mental acuities, such species were hindered significantly in making any kind of technological progress. And this transit system, that necessitated this type of energy, had become essential to the survival and prosperity of that one third group. Too big to fail. This whole process was started eighteen million years earlier by the current characters ancestors. Most of the species involved in the transit systems operation today weren’t happy about it but didn’t see any resolution. If they unplugged all these worlds from their Node, then the one third group would be reduced significantly in prosperity if not become outright extinct. The only advantage they had was the ignorance of the two thirds being harvested. Like us, none of them know this is even going on, thinking the way we think today is normal and to be expected.

What’s unique about your world?

This BRAINPIPE transit system for one. By separating space from time enabling one to travel almost infinite distances in only six minutes is fairly unique. The way this system is powered is very unique and immoral. The Perileom actually expanded this system out into the cosmos. The Braxin merely invented it and make the entanglement process possible via their telepathic channeling abilities. They install hidden standing wave generators around a planet in strategic locations that emit a high frequency signal that enters our brains while we’re still inside the womb and divides our minds into a conscious and a subconscious. Then they roll 90% of our mental acuities/energy over into the subconscious and harvest it constantly. They entangle every single biological brain under this signal into a Node. Then they further entangle 39 other nodes together with it and create one single enormous powerful biological computer which they use to separate space from time. They focus this refined energy into a specific set of coordiantes and fly their vessels into those coordinates and disappear to reappear wherever they have coordinates to. So interstellar maps are the crucial item. Without maps you could emerge inside a star or blackhole. And since everything in our universe is constantly in motion, keeping these maps accurate is also quite a challenge. The entire journey, regradless how far you’re going, only takes six minutes. It’s a different type of time travel. You’re not changing timelines or frames. You’re just traversing incredible distances in six minutes. This universe exceeds anything starwars has to offer. There’s an empire in my book also but its not evil…well, not intentionally so. They’re stuck with something none of them really want but have no other way to travel and their continued existence now depends on lots of intergalactic traveling. So they established these transit systems in every galaxy. They just have to find enough semi-developed species close enough together in each galaxy to harvest enough of the special biological sentient energy needed to drive the transit system. They’re like bus stations only you furnish your own bus. Pay them by the distance traveled. They furnish the PIPES and the maps. 

Another unique feature of this setting is their camouflage. The way they remain so secretive while running this transit system right under our noses. This involves the current mystery about the particle/wave conundrum. They also use these same generators to emit a second signal that causes almost everything around us to behave a specific way in our perceptual faculties. It causes our brains not to process most wavelengths of incoming data, rather collapsing them into particle format. This allows them to flit around in large vessels right in front of us but we never see them or know they’re even there. Quantum mechanics has several experiments popular experiments that emphasize this phenomenon.  I’ve provided an explanation for it in this series. They can’t yet explain why particular types of energy manifests as a wave and a particle. They claim the wave collapses into particle format under observation. So I took that and used it to build my camouflage to account for how these aliens can use us the way they do without our knowledge.

Another unique feature of this setting are their personal vessels that are capable of immense speeds without the PIPES. Vessels that take them from the surface of Earth to the third moon of Jupiter in less than an hour…very close to light speed. They’re driven by agressive gravity and dark energy. They harvest the gravity from the nearest large body in proximity to where the vessel is traveling. They use dark energy to do the harvesting. They figured out gravity manifests in phases…kinda like electricity. Once they discovered deep space is actually passive gravity then it was only a matter of time before they discovered how to separate space from time. Space isn’t empty nothing. It’s something…gravity. Master gravity and you too can separate space from time.

How real do you think the science is in your book?

 Some of it is now theoretically legitimate. Some of it is still being studied. All of it is possible.

What was the most mundane item that you used that really has cool tech behind it? What is the tech?

That we don’t even really need sleep. They introduced sleep patterns to allow them to gain that additional ten percent of mental energy while we’re sleeping so they can reduce the number of worlds needed to power a PIPE. When we think we’re dreaming what’s actually happening is our brains energy is actually leaking into our conscious side. They have to compensate for that leakage and keep an eye on our evolutionary progress because once they can no longer induce a sleep pattern they know it’s time to release us from the Node. Earth has reached that point. When they release a species they introduce themselves to that species and invite them to join their cooperative. But they don’t just step out and say, “Hey, here we are. Aliens really do exist.” They know from experience whenever they do a blunt encounter it always obviates in violence. So they do so slowly over time using a species means of mass communication to slowly introduce into their psyche the probability that aliens actually exist. Once they accomplish that, then they arrive. No one is shocked and awed.

What did you include that you wish was real today?

Those vessels. Amazing technological equipment. Mark and Andrea’s body armor.

What technology or science do you think will most affect the world of tomorrow?

Automation/mass production/AI

Anything else to share with our audience?

Oh…I could write another book to that question. This series is an amazing science fiction feat and answers one very real question. Why do humans only ever use but ten percent of our brains mental acuities. Introduces the Braxin. I’ve said very little about them. An all female clan of telepaths who initially invented the BRAINPIPE and still own it and help operate it. The Perileom were included later as a front because the Braxin are very religious and worhip a Goddess called Mother Time. Gee…wonder how they figured out how to separate space from time? The logic behind my selection of this Goddess is also impeccable. Time is the one fundamental attribute of existence from which all else depends. Even “nothing” must have the time to exist. I have no doubt once the general public discovers the Braxin King we’ll be seeing it on the big screen. Puts Star Wars to shame. I’m half way through book three and already making notes for book four. This one opens up such a panarama of creativity and imagination I may never write anything but this. I’ve got Mother Time coming in the flesh to live out a real life as a Braxin.( The Jesus Syndrome) Mark and Andrea giving birth to her as her father and mother. I’ve got the Braxin setting out to spread their influence throughout the entire universe. A never ending expansion program. And I’ve got the most amazing AI coming to replace the biological sentience from powering these PIPES. An AI love affair developing, a little genius who will stagger all our imaginations, and Mark has found a way to mark and target a species to render them extinct with one emotion filled thought. He’s got a Palace awaiting on Braxin. Braxin’s never allowed a man to set foot on their planet awaiting their prophesied King. And he’s recognized by all species, not just the Braxin. The Braxin stand at the top of this food chain because of those amazing women. The romance in this series is smoking even erotical but funny. Believable characters, it has it all. And a mystery woven into it from book to book. This one is heavy, heavy science fiction. The only paranormal aspect lies in those telepathic abilities which I develop thoroughly throughout. No ghosts and goblins or swords and dragons. But I could develop something along the way as they branch out into the universe outside their circle. Never know…

And I shan’t neglect to flip it back around to the beginning of the first book and mention that when Mark first meets Andrea, she uses her telepathic abilities to make him think she’s a male cat. Talking about funny. A talking cat? No fricking way. He names her…Andrew. Had not a clue her real name was Andrea. Freaked her right out. She was there to begin releasing earth from the Node. Mark was a physicist and a writer so she chose him to start introducing Earthlings to the idea of aliens actually being real and living among us. Then realized he had been chosen by Mother Time to be her mate. Neither of them realizing Mother Time had also chosen him for much, much more. According to Mother Time, all the other circles across the universe were filled with corruption and if they didn’t expand out and set those circles free the corrupt species would find their way to them. But it’s kinda cool the way Mother Time always leaves the final choice up to Mark. Just tells him what the variables are and you decide. She just keeps reminding him that his heart is pure. Of course he hasn’t a clue what she means by that but he’s not about to argue the point. At the end of the day Mark is a pretty cool dude. Different from any heroes we’ve ever seen.