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This week we have a slightly different interview in that it is a historical fantasy rather than science fiction.

Today I am interviewing John Pirillo about his novel Sherlock Holmes, Blasphemy of the West




What was the most surprising thing you found out while researching/writing your latest book?

How easy it is to blend history with fantasy. I wanted to combine Holmes with some of my favorite childhood characters and Mark Twain was at the top of the list.

And having Calamity Jane in the mix to add romance, even if a humorous way, was so fun to do.

And we’ve all seen robber cattle barons in all the old western movies, but not one who is devoted to the Dark Arts. So combining him with attributes of a certain President as well in an overarching series of incidents reminiscent of today, was a way for me to comment politically on certain things, but to keep it fun.

Why did you choose this setting?

The Wild West has been so romanticized. Honorable crooks. And you have to admit some of them were compared to today’s politicians who make it a standard to act from the level of criminality at times in their abuses of power.

And having a gunfight at the Okay Corral. Voila and cool city. (Yes, it worked in Star Trek too).

What’s unique about your world?

I have constructed a universe that is parallel to our own, based on recent scientific observations, as well as spiritual concepts I learned in India.

The idea of there being a world where every single author that ever lived is still alive as well as their creations. What a huge canvas I have to write on. I haven’t begun to explore the depth of that canvas yet, and I’ve now written close to two hundred stories taking place in what I call The Baker Street Universe.

How real do you think the science is in your book?

As I said some is based on current scientific theology about multiple dimensions and alternate universes.

Also, based on some certain experiences I’ve had in other ways, which I won’t go into here.

And my world is filled with a combination of magic and science. Steampunk and Edison electricity mingle in a world where magic is not only possible, but practiced, along with villains of dark magic and monsters that stalk the night.

What did you include that you wish was real today?

The ability to travel after death to another world and continue in a new life, without forgetting what we are, just being given a boost up to another take on our lives and become better souls for it.

Anything else the readers should know?

I have a Facebook group, The Baker Street Universe, which is where I give writing peeks, promotions, and book contests; give out free samples of my artwork as well as my writing.

I love the group because it is fun for me and the readers there. I love interacting with everyone.

I also have a website: I post there pretty much every day and you’ll find all kinds of cool things there, like free Fractal Flame slideshows. Tons of those. Promotions for my work and fellow authors.