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For this week’s Feature Friday Futures interview we are joined by Jens C. Budinger, here to tell us about his 2 book series The Chronicles of Lilith

  1. The Queen of Shards
  2. The Darkness Within


How did you build this concept, what research did you do?

This book is founded in certain existential philosophical ideas. The crux of it was originated by myself and expanded over the years. The research was more in terms of finding similar canon in other philosophies and religions around the world. There is a undercurrent of truth in all religions and universal origin stories and things like Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism etc are all cultural variants of the same core concepts. Mine is just another.

What was the most surprising thing you found out while researching/writing your latest book?

Particularly this fact I mentioned earlier. Its incredible when you start to see your own (seemingly uniquely) inspired ideas emerge in places you’ve never heard of before.

Can you describe your world or setting?

The setting of TCOL is vast and complex. The story takes place on multiple realities thus it would take a while to explain them all. But for the first two books the setting is predominantly a medieval fantasy one. The world known as Amenti is modelled around medieval Europe for the most part but derives characteristics from the middle east and Eurasia. The world is similar to A song of ice and fire insofar as magic goes and there isn’t much of it. Amenti used to be the home of the great Eldari who lived eternally but over time this race split into three after the ancient Eldari eventually died out; the Eldain, which are Eldari who are cross bred with humans and live barely 150 years; the Dra’eshi who are inspired by the Drow/Dark Elves which are confined to their mountain and the Eldaresh who were all corrupted by blood magic and became effectively Vampires (all of which were killed by the protagonist 600 years before the events of this book). Apart from that there are humans. The world has its usual power/political struggles between different human nations as they all try to assert their power in the world. This is a world that has forgotten its ancient mystical past and is concerned only with the trivial nature of man’s struggles (big or small).

What’s unique about your world?

The world is unique in many of its ideas but I would say its more about the origin of creation story that makes the story what it is, and all the worlds that follow.

How do you explain the science or magic in your world?

There isn’t much to explain and that which I could explain would spoil the story ;).

What was the most mundane item that you used that really has cool tech behind it – what is the tech?

No idea. No such things in my books.

How do you handle the food in your world?

Like anywhere else.

Do you have a recipe that you could share, maybe one that our readers could try, based on the food in your world?

None that I can think of.

What did you include that you wish was real today?

There’s very little that exists in my books that isn’t real that I or anyone would like to see in the real world. BELIEVE ME.

What technology or science do you think will most affect the world of tomorrow?


Anything else you would like to share?

Both “The Queen of Shards” and “The Darkness Within” are available at a special discounted price of $9 for both. One can find most shops at the following link:

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