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This week I am interviewing Joyce Hertzoff about her series The Crystal Odyssey.


What was the most surprising thing you found out while researching/writing your latest book?

How difficult it is to handle a cast of dozens of characters

 Why did you choose this setting?

I started out with a typical fantasy feudal society, but as my main character traveled, I learned more about the world along with her. Like most worlds, hers was made up of more than one type of government.

What’s unique about your world?

Among other things, Nissa and her friends learn that their world wasn’t always like it is; it had once been very industrialized. A thousand years earlier, governments working together launched a second moon, causing catastrophic floods that destroyed technology.

 How real do you think the science is in your book?

Quite real. I’m a scientist myself, and I used the way the moon affects tides, the way crystals have been used in the past in machines, and the curiosity of humans throughout the series.

What did you include that you wish was real today?

I love the idea of the Stronghold, where everyone works together with the sole aim of restoring what was lost in the past. Beyond crystal radios, we never developed any technology that used the focusing power of crystals for more than optics. On the other hand, the semiconductors and superconductors of today are often based on crystalline and amorphous materials.

Anything else the readers might like to know?

I’m working on book 3 in the series, and also on another series of stories. I’ve also started on one apocalyptic and one post-apocalyptic novel.

I’ve been named Managing Editor for Fiction for the Writer’s Village University MFA EZine, The Village Square. I think that’s the only new thing.

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